JULY 1998

Heather Mason (Nee Butt), ( of: Orillia, Ontario, Canada at: Wed Jul 1 05:05:30 1998
Great web page. I used to live in Pinehurst Avenue, went to St. Nicholas primary school, then to Manor High in the early 80's. Would be nice to see if anyone remembers me. Have lived in Canada for the last nine years.
(My husband Jim Mason really misses his guys night out at the Enbutt, so if anyone remembers him please reply)

-H-, (H_DOT_COM) of: Crosby at: Thu Jul 2 23:38:48 1998
Re-open the George!

I did all my under-age drinking there. Is this the death of an institution?

Rebecca Jackson, ( of: Wales at: Sun Jul 5 00:56:35 1998
I can't believe the George has finally been shut! I'm 28 now and I started drinking in the George when I was 14. It was always young in there, but I assumed the police agreed to turn a blind eye as long as there was no trouble.

Tony Hennessy, ( of: Hampton, Middx (ex Crosby) at: Sun Jul 5 22:22:07 1998
To Barbara, and anyone else who has been asking about either Coronation Road, or St Nick's Primary - I went to St Nick's and then Coro, but a bit after the time when Coro was mixed; it was definitely single sex by 61 to 67. Yes (Barbara, I think it was u who mentioned Mr Probert) I remember him, we used to refer to him as PJ after PJ Proby - we thought that was so clever. There was a cafe over the road called the Bosun's Locker which was the place to go, unless you went to Normans in South Rd, or if u wanted to slum it - the Mustard Pot in Crosby Village. In answer to the under-age drinking venue, in my day it was the Birkey. I would love to hear from anyone who was at St Nick's 55 - 61 or Coro at same time as me, or from anyone who wants to reminice about Crosby - I live down south now and regretably have lost touch - internet is last hope!

Tony Hennessy, ( of: Hampton, Middx at: Sun Jul 5 22:29:03 1998
Barbara - Corona (or TeenBeat) St Lukes (known to everyone as Lukey's) were the places to go - but when were u there? I was hitting those high spots in about 1965.

Joy Osborne (nee Wilson), ( of: Crosby at: Sun Jul 5 23:33:15 1998
I went to Coronation Road and before that St Nicks, leaving Coronation in 1952. At that time Mr Ferry was the Deputy Head and Douchie Davey was at St Nicks. Does anyone remember the Wilson twins (me and our Ann), or Barry Wilson who went to Waterloo Grammar leaving in 1950 or Ron Osborne from Cunard Road who also went to Waterloo Grammar until 1948? We lived down Holden Road and used to spend a lot of time down St Lukes and Rileys.

Tony Hennessy, ( of: Hampton, Middlesex at: Sun Jul 5 23:56:04 1998
Mr Ferrie was still deputy head, poor chap, when I was at Coronation Rd in the sixties. He used to terrify the life out of us.

Bob McEwan, ( of: Townsville, Queensland, Australia. at: Mon Jul 6 14:24:49 1998
Used to live at 3 Leopold Road, Waterloo, but left there
in 1953. Went to Waterloo Grammar School 1940-1943, joined
Merchant Navy in 1944. Emigrated to Australia in 1967.
Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me.
Best wishes to all.

ben, ( of: here on the net at: Tue Jul 7 13:52:18 1998
ello this is a test message

gwen, (blue@scouseland) of: scouseland at: Tue Jul 7 13:53:50 1998
Good luck with your web venture, don't get in a tangle

Barbara, ( ) of: merseyside at: Wed Jul 8 00:31:17 1998
I didnt think that there would be so many who would remember
Corrie Road,I left there in 1955,my maiden name was Lucas .
I went to St.lukes and Rileys ballroom every week,it only
seems like yesterday when I recall those days !!Untill I look
at my Grandchildren!!
And then I realise that life has sort of galloped along

and not told me

Barbara North Merseyside.Where the sun hasnt shone for a
while !!

Tom & Pauline Martin, ( of: Windsor Ct U.S.A. at: Wed Jul 8 18:40:28 1998
We lived on Somerville Grove,Waterloo in early 60's the
BROOKE was our "local" Moved to Belaire Ave mid 60's.Recall
a pub called the ENDBUTT on Endbutt lane, is it still their?
We left Crosby in 1968,been in Windsor Ct ever since.
P.S. wife (nee Pauline KENNEDY)attended Seafield College
and taught school in Bootle. We and our children have happy
memories of our days in the area.

Matthew Wilson, ( of: Crosby at: Wed Jul 8 19:19:43 1998
This message is for paul maddock,

Thanks for your comment.

Yes I do aggree it's up to the parents, but we have to something fore them.

Is there anyone interested?

Charles Peck, ( of: Vancouver, B.C. Canada at: Thu Jul 9 07:09:24 1998
Here's some memories : -
Stokes's Garage in the Crown Buildings where we used to buy our fireworks and have a huge bonfire on the waste land opposite Coronation Road School on Nov. 5th.
We used to have our haircut at Tom Roberts - next door, almost, to the school there.
Before we'd go to the Corona Cinema we'd go to Mrs. Moores Sweet Shop on the opposite side of Crosby Road.
In Thornton we'd do our shopping at the Crescent and go to Irwins where Jack worked the bacon slicer- I remember he had a finger missing.You were also able to buy a penny worth of broken biscuits there which would last for days. At the Crescent we'd also go to Mrs. Ainsworth at Broadbents for more sweets. You could also have your hair cut there at Walshes a few doors from Goldings the Chemist.
In those days I remember gypsies going from house to house selling pegs and a man from Ormskirk carrying a huge basket selling home-made biscuits.
Does any one else share these memories ?
Webmaster replies: These are great memories and we would love to have other memories from our visitors. We could then collate these in a special features page and perhaps show you how some of the places mentioned have altered.

John Gibson, ( of: Canada at: Thu Jul 9 19:41:15 1998
I'm trying to locate the address and phone number of Stan Clarke who lives in Ainsdale, works at the Royal Liverpool Universaty Hospital and drives a TVR (lucky bugger.) If any one can help please reply to:

John Gibson, ( of: Canada at: Thu Jul 9 19:51:49 1998
Ignor the previouse e-mail address, but I am still looking for the address and phone number of Stan Clarke from Ainsdale, works at the Royal Hospital in Liverpool and drives that lovely TVR

Barbara, ( of: North Merseyside at: Thu Jul 9 23:47:30 1998
I remember Stokes Garage Crown Buildings,and above it in my day
day the pupils at Corrie,who stayed for dinner,went there,cos
the juniors who went to Corrie before St Lukes school was
built,had their dinner in the school.I also remember the
wasteland where the bonfires on Nov 5th where held,now has
the shops and estate agents.And where the byepass is near
Moor Lane,that land used to have air-raid shelters on,and
after the war we kids used to play around there (circa 1950)
There was a sweet shop in Moor Lane, Myerscoughs,where we
took our Mums ration books to get sweets,no book,no sweets!
And the man who worked at Irwins with a finger missing,we
were told that his finger slipped under the slicer,and as
kids we believed it !!Where St Helens Church is,not far
from there,there used to be cottages,(these were demolished
to make way for the road behind Sainsburys)What a crime,
we used to love going in those cottages,I remember one was
called Pinfold Cottage,I wonder what the history behind
that cottage was !
Thats all for now,I look forward to more reminicing

bill crompton, ( of: amsterdam, holland at: Sat Jul 11 01:38:21 1998
I read about your web-site in the "Crosby Herald" on a flying visit two weeks ago. I couldn't wait to get back here to my comp and have a decko at it. Truly impressive!
Sitting here in my Amsterdam garret, I felt a lump rising to my throat at the thought that home's never further away than my keyboard...;o) Mind you, that's about as close as I'd like it to stay.

I was born in Seaforth in '53, went to St. William of York, and St. Mary's "Monastery" (?) from '63 to '68. Hated every minute of it. It's funny how you learn to think that brutality is normal, if you're exposed to it long enough.

Like many others, I spent many of my Saturday afternoons at "Spiny" Norman's in South Road, and later at Reeces.

It's sad to see that nearly 30 years on there's still nothing for the kids to do on a friday and saturday night. What happened to St. Faith's, and the really great concerts we organised at Alex. Hall. The Fruit Centre was still there 2 weeks ago. Doesn't anything happen there?

As for underage drinking, I never did that in the George! It was always more fun at the B.S. and the Brooke, especially after Norman had the juke box installed in the lounge.

I'd love to find out where the old buddies are hanging out. Anybody wanna swap mythologies, feel free to drop me a line



Chris Robinson, ( of: Bootle at: Sat Jul 11 18:52:48 1998
Local News and views page online for Bootle. Check it out!

Webmaster replies: We are pleased to see Bootle is now officially on the Web. We will be adding a link to the site from our Links Page soon.

Dave Bickerstaff, ( of: Preston at: Sat Jul 11 20:14:27 1998

See you in the Liver at 7.30 tomorrow. Don't forget to bring your money!

Joseph W .D. WalkerJOE, (jwaker of: Houston Texas. at: Sun Jul 12 06:02:07 1998
Loking for information.. St. Marys College.... 1940s and 1950s Waterloo Harriers & A.C. 1950s &1960s.I have lived in Houston, Texas for most of my life! I am the President of Griffin Design Intetrests Inc. so I would like to hear from Art Deco Collectors as well. Regards Joe.

Joseph W .D. WalkerJOE, (jwaker of: Houston Texas. at: Sun Jul 12 06:03:13 1998
Loking for information.. St. Marys College.... 1940s and 1950s Waterloo Harriers & A.C. 1950s &1960s.I have lived in Houston, Texas for most of my life! I am the President of Griffin Design Interests Inc. so I would like to hear from Art Deco Collectors as well. Regards Joe.

Joe Walker, ( of: Houston Texas. at: Sun Jul 12 06:24:03 1998
Mr. Compton.... Glad you remember the Rock Shows at Alex Hall, so do I ! In fact I was responsibke for the first two. Can you remember the big stars? Regards Joe. P.S. So many memories !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barbara nee lucas, ( of: at: Mon Jul 13 00:06:29 1998
Hello Joe,My Dad ran for the Waterloo Harriers many years
ago,in fact,in the room I am now sitting in,we have a tallboy
that he won in a race,and on the back of it there is still
a sticker saying what race he ran and won!!
My youngest son followed his grandad and also ran for the
Harriers,but now he lives in Cambridge,and doesnt run any

Joe Walker, (jwal; of: Houston Texas at: Mon Jul 13 05:23:24 1998
Dear Barbara, you neglected to mention your fathers name......Just incase I know him or of him ....Regards Joe.

barbara, ( of: merseyside at: Mon Jul 13 23:19:26 1998
Hi Joe,My Dads name was Phil Lucas,he also used to play
snooker for the Crosby Hotel,and he was Chairman of the
Crosby and District Snooker League for a few years,untill
he and Mum and my brothers moved to Sheffield.They eventually
ended up living in a place called Marston Mortaine,Bedford
Dad always enjoyed watching the athletics on tv,and of
course the snooker!!

Gerard Campbell, ( of: Ealing London at: Tue Jul 14 00:59:45 1998
Interested in chatting to anyone who went to St Bedes from 1972 /76 .

Steve Fletcher, ( of: Waterloo at: Wed Jul 15 18:50:27 1998
Great site. Good to see the town on the web.

I see the question of where underage drinkers are going to go has taken a new twist. Apparently the George is reopening, but anyone looking under 25 will have to produce ID at the door to get in.

Robert Wood, ( of: Pleasanton, California, U.S.A. at: Fri Jul 17 18:14:11 1998
My grandpa said in his memoirs, "The first school I ever attended was
in Conmel. Tipperary Co. Ireland. A girls school, about 200 girls, no
boys, I was the only about 5."
(You would have to have known my Grandpa)

He goes on ..."The next school I attended was in Bootle, a suburb of
Liverpool. My father kept a hotel in liverpool..."

(I'm not tring to prove Grandpa went to school, but I would like any
information about:

1. The school in Conmel. c. 1854 (Run by a "Miss Carrol")

2. Is there a Bootle near Liverpool?

3. Names of *large hotels in Liverpool c.1854
*(He said the hotel served 200 dinners)

Robert Wood

May S King, ( of: Sydney Australia at: Sun Jul 19 12:35:11 1998
I used to live in Clarendon Road Anfield. went to Holy
Trinity School Lower Breck. Then to Stanley Park School.
I have a Brother Reg Dickson still living in the pool, he sings in the clubs and pubs round Liverpool, My Sister Dorothy still lives over there too.
My Mother Charlotte lived in clarendon road all of her 86 years, till she died just over a year ago, she worked in Jacobs. My father worked at Taylors Sunshine Bread factory.
I came to Australia in 1963 from London where I had been living for a few years.working as a nanny.

May S King, ( of: Sydney Australia at: Sun Jul 19 12:36:53 1998
I used to live in Clarendon Road Anfield. went to Holy
Trinity School Lower Breck. Then to Stanley Park School.
I have a Brother Reg Dickson still living in the pool, he sings in the clubs and pubs round Liverpool, My Sister Dorothy still lives over there too.
My Mother Charlotte lived in clarendon road all of her 86 years, till she died just over a year ago, she worked in Jacobs. My father worked at Taylors Sunshine Bread factory.
I came to Australia in 1963 from London where I had been living for a few years.working as a nanny.
Is there anyone over there that I still know. I would love to hear from you...

H and Doidge, ( of: My house at: Mon Jul 20 16:24:18 1998
The George is re-opening. Rejoice, Rejoice!
Hope to see you all there for drinking, smoking and taking drugs.
Business as usual then.

Jope Walker, ( of: Houston Texas. at: Mon Jul 20 20:44:12 1998
IF the George is reopening for such as drugs the drug trade better keep it closed, I hope the local boys in blue dont read the internet for your sake Regards Joe.

paula eigeard (gale), ( of: clinton british columbia canada at: Tue Jul 21 03:16:41 1998
Grew up in waterloo, crosby area went to st. bedes r.c. 59 to 63 .Married Tom Dewsbury of 4 stanley rd. waterloo.My mum was Vera GALE(Duffy)My grandperents were maggie and phil Duffy. I worked at John Moores 1963 to 1966.Miss home alot if you want to write me my address is box 502 Clinton B.C. V0K 1K0 Canada hope to here from someone

Goody, (thinblueline@bobbyshop.cop) of: cop-shop at: Wed Jul 22 07:08:47 1998
Keep it quiet Joe!! THEY are the Boys in Blue!! Don't tell anyone!!

Cathy Hood, ( of: Wirral at: Wed Jul 22 10:10:59 1998
Claire - the site is great! I recognised the pictures of places in Crosby and didn't know there was so much history to the area. I will surf some more soon.

Matthew Wilson - I hope you can set up the discos for the teenagers. Where else are they going to hang out? When I was 14 the last place I wanted to be was sat at home with my parents. If there aren't places for kids to go then they are going to end up on the streets.

The George - From reading other messages, under age drinking has always been a problem so shutting one pub will just move them elsewhere. Resources should be put into getting rid of the drug pushers and those who cause violence.

PS I am not native of Crosby but the last 5 years living here have been great!

Val Grady, ( of: Canada at: Wed Jul 22 17:43:04 1998
Reading about the Plaza cinema brought back memories of earlier Odeon days. I enjoyed going to the Odeon on Saturday mornings to watch The Lone Ranger and Tonto, Hopalong Cassidy, and Roy Rogers and Trigger.Sad to hear of Roy's recent death. We all had a good singalong.
Since I saw Psycho at the Odeon in 1960, I still fear closing the shower curtain!!
What a lot of cinemas we had in the area. The Regent, Corona, Odeon, Queens, Winter Gardens and Stella. I discovered why they were sometimes known as "flea pits" at the Winter Gardens!! Does anyone have any cinema stories to relate?

Val Grady, ( of: Canada at: Wed Jul 22 18:02:45 1998
Checking the B B C site yesterday, I noticed that the former McCartney house in Allerton is open for viewing. There was a quote from one of Paul's former girlfriends, Linda Thorpe. Anyone know if this is the Crosby Linda Thorpe? Any Beatle's stories?
Sadly, the B B C reported the death of Betty Marsden, at age 79. I enjoyed the character Fanny Haddock she played on the 60's radio show, Round the Horne. She was also in many TV films. Does anyone know where, in Liverpool, she was born? Any memories of early radio programmes? I recall listening to Listen With Mother at Halsall. "Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin." ...... Happy days!!!!

Paul, ( of: Seaforth at: Sat Jul 25 00:26:34 1998

Just got back from the George's reopening. Nothing's changed - Bad pints, loud music, Dave didn't kop off, they never even asked me for proof of age, the bastards.

Gerard Houllier, ( of: Je ne sais pas at: Sat Jul 25 00:44:54 1998
Allo Liverpool. I want to help your football. Maybe I can help the reds with technique, yes? Maybe I help the blues stay up with 6 points, yes? Maybe Roy gets sacked and I do both?

HUGHES JOHN, (TUPPY @ OXBOX . COM) of: FORMBY at: Sat Jul 25 01:57:22 1998

HUGHES JOHN, (TUPPY @ oxbox .com) of: formby at: Sat Jul 25 02:04:04 1998



bill crompton, ( of: amsterdam, holland at: Sat Jul 25 15:00:41 1998
Dear M. Houllier,

It's good to see you are willing to come over and help the Blues out of their present Dire Straits, however there is one important fact you need to know before you start.
In England, it costs nearly as much to buy a referee as it does to buy a player...
Unlike some countries.

Bon chance,


Rachel Holt, ( of: Melbourne, Australia at: Sun Jul 26 13:10:06 1998
I have just found this site and think it is wonderful. I have relatives in Crosby and if anyone knows of them could you say "Hi" from Rach. They are Wendy, Chris, Megan and Chloe Rimmer.

I was over there in '91 and am hoping to visit again this year.


V. Grady, ( of: Canada at: Sun Jul 26 21:56:44 1998
I have just told my Crosby friends Sheila and Al about the Crosby Channel. I said what a super site it is. Al makes the best bucket of "bitter" in his garage!! "Have another half for me Al". I know they have just enjoyed a lovely traditional, British lamb Sunday dinner, with roast pots; cauli; carrots and gravy. Just thinking of that dinner has set me yearning for Crosby!! Sheila is a super cook. I think she contributes all those recipes to the Sainsbury's site. Best wishes to Al, Sheila, Suzanne, Karen and Michael, and goodnight to Emily!!!! I know you will enjoy the Crosby Channel.

Paul, (paul@cros) of: Crosby at: Sun Jul 26 23:51:03 1998
Mathew Wilson- you could begin by stop being so patronising to the young people of Crosby by not calling them 'the children' and making out that they would need someone to watch over them...who would want to come to a disco like that? Be reaslistic what you're doing is a great idea to begin with though

Val Grady, ( of: Canada at: Mon Jul 27 13:21:45 1998
Enjoyed Titanic Town. Nice work from Rod Stringer. I am looking forward to seeing the map of the area. Thanks Crosby Channel for all the interesting information.

me, (myaddress@somthing) of: THE GEORGE at: Tue Jul 28 20:50:38 1998
Paul of seaforth, you are WRONG. The George serves the finest Stella in the area, if not the country.
Futhermore, to blaspheme the George is disgusting it has given many young people a chance to get absolutely trashed prior to being
arrested by the police. We were also at the opening, there were no scallies and no trouble and the pints were refreshing if not pricey.
The only downfall was the continued police presence. Perhaps in a few weeks they will be serving various mixed herbs at the bar again
to fifteen yearolds and it will revert back to it's former state of fighting and drugs. But happily not yet.

PS we got asked for ID HA HA HA.

Ann Routledge, ( of: Manchester at: Wed Jul 29 00:13:08 1998
Hi Lane,
we've got here, no stopping us now.This has made you're day. Love to everyone even the smelly dog and Smokey the cat. I will be in touch very very soon.

Love Ann

lorraine hughes, ( of: australia at: Wed Jul 29 09:24:39 1998
Lorraine Hughes went to stBedes school 64-68 used to live at Courtnay ave Waterloo ANYONE REMEMBER ME.Hello Ann hey James is't crosby noticeboard great I keep checking the board in the hope I find anyone I used to know no luck so far.glad you got the photo's Ann next time I hear from you hope it's by e-mail so look after your self. James please give your mum a few pointer's James please leave your e-mail BYE FOR KNOW

James McGee, ( of: Manchester, Didsbury at: Wed Jul 29 18:36:37 1998
Hi Lane its James, my mum says she has to clean before going on this thing. Our email i think is either (its either an L or number 1 after t, not quite sure.)

bye for now.

Spitthecat, ( of: Summer school at: Wed Jul 29 22:28:59 1998
Here are a few pointers for James!!!!

Tony Hennessy, ( of: Down south somewhere, I think at: Wed Jul 29 23:05:32 1998
Lorraine Hughes - I know what you mean about checking this board to see if there's anyone around who you remember or who remembers you - if you were at St Bedes 64-68 you must be about my age or probably a year or two younger. I left Corro in 67, and I don't think there is anyone born 1951 who reads this notice board. The alternative explanation is that I was never in Crosby at all. I'm beginning to wonder if it was all a dream and that perhaps I'm really from Leamington Spa. (Or even Bootle)

Kevin Yates, ( of: Enfield,London at: Wed Jul 29 23:13:06 1998

Hi! Found this site by chance from a Link with St Faith's.
I lived in Seaforth, Cecil Road from 1956-1972 bar 3 years. Anyon
e go to Star of The Sea School in that period who may know me as i have lost touch totally with my contemporaries.

Does any one have photographs of Seaforth before the docks expanded up Crosby raod and took over the fields at Potters barn and the other old bombsite above Claremont road backing on to the woodyards.If you have why not scan them and put them on here for a good old dose of nostalgia which may stimulate

discussion and revive old memories and friendships.

LORRAINE HUGHES, ( of: australia at: Thu Jul 30 11:15:33 1998
HI Ann James three messages on the noticeboard all for me. OH and one for you james [spitthecat] hope its not his real name if it is would be happy to give him a few pointers!!!! on how to change it mmmmmmmmmmmmMaybe to DICKHEAD------------just want to say hi to tony nice to hear from an old'e from???? anyone remember [not you tony] Angela simkins florist on st Johns rd waterloo I worked thier 69-74 is it still their? be good love to you all in liverpool and manchester bye Ann James Tony and spitthecat

Chris Blower (aka Fanta), ( of: Crosby, Cambridge Ave (by Duck Pond) at: Thu Jul 30 23:06:36 1998
Hi to anyone who's in Merchants at the moment, cya in 6 weeks!

I'm thinking of setting up my own Crosby site.. so watch
this space -

Webmaster - few ideas :- easy on the backgrounds as ppl
with slow modems will go off the site. Try putting a mailto:
link on the form data for email ads.



Dave B, (Daveb@home) of: Morningside at: Thu Jul 30 23:54:00 1998

Have you heard about Everton's new sponsor? Apparently Viagra's so good it'll keep them up and guarantee that even they'll score.

Paul, ( of: Seaforth at: Fri Jul 31 00:00:46 1998

HO HO HO. Glad to see you're on as good form as your team.

See you Saturday.

Ann Routledge, ( of: Manchester, Didsbury at: Fri Jul 31 22:34:23 1998
hi lane,
i did'nt know until today that james had left that message.
I am a little annoyed that he saw fit to intrude like he did.
The truth of the matter is I was only cleaning because I
had my friends coming round to celebrate my good luck.
I would never ever put domesticity before my best friend
In other words I was more interested in celebrating than
in cleaning, but as you know Lane I take bathrooms and
toilets very very seriously as you do I seem to remember
kitchen floors!!? I hope you will understand Lane. I am very
worried about our Ray but I have no answers this time alls I
can suggest is that he tries very hard to do the things June
would have wanted. Lane we need your E mail address
A.S.A.P. Equiped with that we can then send letters soon.
My love to all of you especially our Judy who must be so
lonely without her mum right now I do hope you all are
reassuring her every day that she will get through.
I look forward to hearing from you. Bye Lane. Love Ann XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX